Cat Graham - Humanity Road


The tougher part of natural disasters and the better part of human nature will mean we will probably always have unafiliated volunteer organizations helping emergency managers with disaster response and recovery. In this episode, we explore what Humanity Road has been doing for almost 10 years to help when disasters strike, and how partnerships developed with emergency management agencies can help make response and recovery a little easier.  


Dr. Robert de Groot - ShakeAlert


What could you do if you had 5-seconds notice of a large, impending earthquake? A new technology called ShakeAlert now makes some advance warning of earthquakes possible. So, as emergency managers, we have to ask a few questions. What responsibility do we have to help a community leverage such a technology? What can we expect our community members to accomplish with some advance warning? What's the best way to communicate potentially life-saving messages?   


Andrew Lockman - Emergency Drought Operations


Most emergency managers think of drought as a slow-onset, slow-burn type of disaster that jurisdictions simply need to ride-out with conservation. Some jurisdictions haven't been so lucky.  In this episode, an emergency manager who directed critical response operations for several consecutive years walks us through the process he used from official recognition of the emergency to maintaining long-term response and recovery operations, something he calls "responsicovery."